If you went from crushing on Bachelor in Paradise鈥檚 Dean Unglert when he claimed to have found love to sneering at every mention of his name after the cringe-worthy Kristina + Dean + D-Lo love triangle, you鈥檙e not alone. Unglert, who won over fans during Rachel Lindsay鈥檚 season of The Bachelorette, showed fans another side of himself on BIP 鈥 which may not be a good thing, according to host Chris Harrison.

Perhaps because Dominique Alexis deemed Unglert 鈥the ultimate f**kboy鈥 this week, Harrison revealed that he鈥檚 educated himself on the lingo. 鈥淚 learned what an F-boy is,鈥 he told Entertainment Tonight during the taping of the finale last Wednesday (censoring his language for the cameras, natch).

鈥淚 mean, Dean would be up there [when it comes to f**kboys],鈥 he added. He doesn鈥檛 think the 26-year-old would be in that particular category alone, though. 鈥淒ean or Diggy [Moreland], I guess, are the two biggest F-boys.鈥 (As a refresher: Moreland dumped Dominique Alexis for Jaimi King on Tuesday night鈥檚 episode.)

Harrison also said, however, that he doesn鈥檛 鈥渢hink any less of Dean鈥 because of his behavior in Paradise. 鈥淒id he make unbelievably stupid choices and decisions? 100 percent, but he wore it,鈥 the longtime Bachelor host told Entertainment Tonight, adding that he thinks 鈥渢he court of public opinion鈥 is the real reason for Unglert鈥檚 less-than-stellar rep.

Wells Adams also weighed in on the drama, saying that Unglert simply isn鈥檛 ready for the type of commitment the franchise promotes. 鈥淒ean would be the first person to admit that he鈥檚 not emotionally ready for that,鈥 Adams told ET at the finale taping. 鈥淒ean鈥檚 got some things to figure out. I think this show right now, it stings for Dean, but this is the best thing that could ever happen to him.鈥

The season four finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, September 11, at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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(Photo via ABC/Bob D鈥橝mico)