There’s nothing quite as calming as the sounds of the great outdoors. Think about those mornings when you hear it raining outside your window and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed because the sounds of thunder have become your new lullaby. Who cares if you’ve already pressed the snooze button twice?

If you love the sounds of thunder and the sight of lightning then you’re going to love Cloud. Cloud is a lamp and sound system designed to mimic a thundercloud. The lamp uses motion sensors to create a one-of-a-kind thunder and lightning show inspired by the movement of its user.

Cloud’s speaker system allows users to stream music from any Bluetooth compatible device, so you’re more than welcome to make it rain to the sounds of Beyoncé or Lorde. Color changing lights and brightness in addition to alternate modes such as “nightlight mode” and “music reactive mode” make the Cloud system super customizable.

A small wireless remote allows users to control the Cloud’s functions.The Cloud looks as fluffy as a real cloud thanks to a hypoallergenic fiberfill that’s felted to a sponge casing forming the frame of the cloud. Its speakers can be found inside its fluffy frame.

Apparently making it look and sound like outdoors indoors isn’t cheap. The Cloud lamp and sound system can be yours for the not-so low price of $3,360. Making it rain is never cheap.

What do you think of the semi-immersive experience of Cloud? Tell us what song you would make it rain to in the comments below.