Even though she’s famous for singing that she’s never seen a diamond in the flesh (until now <3!), Lorde has top-notch taste when it comes to jewelry. And it’s been that way ever since the singer hooked us on her infectious debut smash “Royals” — just peep at the screen shot from the music vid below: With no purple lip to catch our eye (that cat eye tho!), we’re sucked in by her simple accessorizing with that so-cool silver statement necklace from New Zealand jewelry brand Meadowlark.

Created by fellow kiwis and husband + wife duo Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon, the eight year-old jewelry brand makes timeless totems with an alternate edge. From fang rings and cross-bone charms to clawed cat paw pendants, the handcrafted accessories are at once playful + dark and always elegantly refined. It’s easy to see why Lorde finds the brand to be so crushworthy — according to a profile on Fashionista, she’s rarely seen without a M-stamped gem on her fingers, wrists or neck — its glam gothic aesthetic perfectly suits her style + sound. We’re taking a cue from the Queen B and adding some delightfully mischievous Meadowlark pieces to our style wish list — shop our 10 favorite picks below.

1. Large Wreath Necklace ($1,197): Classical laurel leaves + a gothic hexagon make a timeless statement necklace that won Lorde’s royal approval (Ours too! We’ll have to start counting our dollars on the train… now!).

2. Serpent Charm Necklace ($103): From far away, this tiny charm appears to be a girly bow, but up close, the form is much more menacing. It’s an optical illusion we won’t ever stop obsessing over.

3. Fang Stacker Ring ($86): Vampire fangs add biting detail to this slim stacker ring that would look devilish paired with other gold plated beauties.

4. Cat Paw Cocktail Ring ($430): The chunky cocktail ring gets a fierce makeover with cat paws clutching a coveted pyramid stone.

5. Apple Core Stud Earrings ($37): Wickedly chomped to the core, these bitten apple studs are insanely awesome.

6. Cherry Blossom Ring With Stones ($433): Intricate sterling silver cherry blossoms pop with ruby red gemstone centers.

7. Cat Paw Stud Earrings ($85): Clawing to get these gold plated paw studs added to your cart? We don’t blame you.

8. Cat Ears Ring With Stones ($447): Cute cat ears get the royal treatment with trilliant-cut gemstones in an offbeat slime green hue.

9. Bone Bow Cocktail Ring ($407): While there’s no looking away from that rock, the edgy bow(ne) details are what make this ring extra special.

10. Meadowlark Charm Bracelet ($645): Can’t choose just one cheeky charm? Rock your 10 faves on this modern charm bracelet.

What are your favorite pieces from Meadowlark? Where would you wear these pretty punky pieces? Tell us about your faves in the comments below.

(h/t Fashionista)