Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend but not quite, and we're guessing you hit the snooze button quite a few times this morning. The only problem with using your iPhone as an alarm, is you can't really hit snooze. You can tap it, you can press the button the side, but you can't slam your hand down in sleepy defiance as you used to snooze with your old school clock radio.

With Snooze, you can!

With the clever punny tagline, "Keep the Dream Alive," Snooze is a playful and modern twist on the classic alarm clock.

The premise is pretty simple. We want to snooze. We want the satisfaction of going back to sleep after our alarm goes up, but not for real. The design is as straightforward as the concept. A giant rubber snooze button that hooks up with the buttons on the side of your iPhone that you can easily press snooze without fumbling in the dark.

The app that goes with it lets you customize your alarm settings by day and lets you specify the amount of snooze time that works for you. It works seamlessly with any alarm clock app, and can even be used to silence incoming calls or text messages.

And, like many of our designy discoveries, Snooze is looking for its big break on Kickstarter! With just 13 days to go, Snooze has reached just over 50% of its goal. For the Early Bird Special of $40, get a Snooze and woven sync & charge cable. This one is limited so act quickly – you snooze, you lose!

Snooze is made to fit with the iPhone 4 and 4s, and works best without a case or with a simple bumper. It comes in Aluminum or Maple, with a range of wood finish options. Choose between pillow white or shut-eye black for the rubber snooze bar.

If you're looking for more inventive alarm clock docks, be sure to check out our recent roundup. What do you think of Snooze? Silly, or kind of genius? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or say hi on Twitter. And remember to keep the dream alive! ;)