Frat boys around the country are prepping for their big day of inebriation. But this isn’t just your average Saturday, we’re talking about the day when rivers of beer flow freely, tinted the color of emeralds. And while we’re totally down with celebrating all things Irish, when it comes to supporting clovers in our homes or on our bods, there’s a particular way we like to go about it. That “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee should just step aside right now. We’ve got 15 beautiful ways to rock the shamrock all year round.

1. Stenciled Wall: Seeing the words “stenciled” and “wall” butted up against each other might have you closing your eyes and cringing, but open those peepers back up. As you can see, this is one time since 1989 that stenciling actually looks good. (via Herlig Heder)

2. Tray ($36): There’s not a four-leaf clover in sight, but if you’re getting breakfast in bed on it, you probably have a little luck of the Irish on your side… or more likely, loads of irresistible charm.

3. Good Luck Card ($5): Leave it to Rifle Paper Company to come up with a sham-rocking card complete with gold foil.

4. Oasis Skater Dress ($83): V-Day and St. Pat’s days collide. One of those leaves is a little pink heart. Swoon!

5. Lucky You Necklace ($32): Your friends are probably going to get really sick of you saying, “They’re always after me lucky charms,” but whatever.

6. Tea Towel ($23): Scandinavian in design and Irish in aesthetic, this tea towel is hitting all the high points.

7. Real Four Leaf Clover ($59): If you’re super serious about your lucky charms, you’re going to want to ring this bad boy around your neck. It’s modeled after a real four-leaf clover. How can you tell the real deal from an impostor? One leaf is smaller than the other three. The more you know…

8. Typography Poster ($15): Wake up every morning with your darling and remind yourselves, you really are the lucky ones and everyone wants to be you.

9. Embroidered Button Up ($50): We all know this is the year of Ann Taylor Loft, right? Okay, now that that’s confirmed, it’s no wonder they found a refined and subtle way to wear clovers. See ya next year, boring old polka dot.

10. Garland: Planning on having one shamrocking party? Then you best be getting on this DIY project, stat. (via Paper + Ink)

11. Bold Print ($42): A clover way to add of pop of color if we’ve ever seen one.

12. Collage: Using clovers to decorate can be tricky. Things can end up looking tacky quickly, but if you work one print into a collage topped with some greenery, you’ve done it. You’ve gone and kept it classy again. (via Lay Baby Lay)

13. Comme des Garcons Embossed French Wallet ($215) Speaking of keeping it classy…

14. Metallic Details ($25): If you’re not willing to shell pay for this basic tee, we have a no-sew tutorial that can send you down the right path.

15. Moroccan Stencil ($34): We probably shouldn’t have been dogging on stenciling walls so much, because honestly, the results of this little bit of Irish and a whole lot of Moroccan look is one we’d totally take back to our bedroom.

How are you getting clever with clovers? Let us know in the comments below.