We already handed out the award this week for most addictive new iPhone game (the too-cute TwoDots!) but that’s not all that’s going on on our phones right now. We’re kicking it old school in the best way this week with an app that’s like Babysitter’s Club 2.0, one that lets you be Cher Horowitz every morning and another that promises you’ll never — I repeat — never lose your phone again thanks to a little game you learned how to play poolside back in the day.

1. Mirrow.me: You were probably wondering how an app could turn your closet into Cher’s, but then you knew. And knew you had to download it immediately. Mirrow is a new must-DL that organizes all of the articles of clothing stuffed into your closet. It’ll save you from doubling up on things you already own when you’re out shopping and act as your own personal stylist, suggesting what to wear every AM depending on the weather.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. TapShield: This app puts your safety first and puts your neighborhood watch in the palm of your hand. It got its start on college campuses and is now a safety social network that you can join to report crimes in your area and help first responders get to the scene even quicker.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

3. CluckCluckApp: Are you the mom who does it all? This app will help the cause and give you and your babysitter or caregiver(s) a direct line of communication. CluckCluck is a super handy way to organize your kids’ schedules. Your kids’ jam-packed, over-scheduled schedules so that you know who’s done what and see what they still have to do.

It’s like Babysitter’s Club 2.0 — it helps you schedule tasks for your kiddies and keep track of everything in one place that you can both access so there’s no miscommunication. Plus, you can easily pay multiple sitters right through the app, too.

Cost: $2.99 for iOS

4. MarcoPolo: We have our eyes and our Indiegogo pledges on trackers that will help you keep all your digital ducks in a row… but what if your stuff could just alert you to its whereabouts? This app lets you program your phone to shout “Polo” when you call out “Marco?!” That is all. And that is enough.

Cost: $.99 for iOS

5. Watchup: We’ve scrolled across approximately 1,000,002 different apps and sites that streamline your news reading experience — organizing the bulletins into bullet points, fleshing out Tweets, summarizing blogs. Enter an app that plays into the anchorman and woman enthusiast among us. Watch news across every channel all in one place and curate your own daily or weekly broadcast.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

What apps did you download this week? Which of these are you going to give a try? Share below!