It may have been a little while since you’ve pulled open Dots. Maybe you think you’ve gotten the best score you’re going to get. Maybe you’re recovering from your Dots addiction and are on the “banish thumbs from opening app“ step of your recovery. Uh-oh, then… we have an update that’s going to pull you out of Dots retirement. There’s a new Dots: TwoDots. And whether you want a gorgeous game to keep your brain whirring whilst you soak up rays poolside this summer or need a distraction on your daily commute, TwoDots is ready to take you on an adventure of epic, insanely addictive proportions.

And it’s even cuter than before!

This time around you’re following two Dots: a bouncy little toon town Amelia Earhart and a rosy-nosed Bill Murray from that Life Aquatic movie. Together the three of you (yes, we’ll give you honorary Dot status) journey through different worlds and 85 levels of spotted strategy, each growing more difficult as you forge ahead.

The new version adds new elements without losing (and, in fact totally adding upon) the sweet look and feel of the first. We loved the OG Dots for the puzzle game’s sleek, minimalist design that featured bright pops of color we spent hours stringing together. While it features the namesake dots both as game pieces and as your new little friends, the next generation of polka play adds different levels, different characters and all-new strategies. It’s still the type of game app that you don’t feel terrible about getting lost in, and this one has even more to coax you down the rabbit hole.

Download TwoDots for iOS now (an Android version will follow!) and see if it sparks that same love at first swipe you once had for the original.

Were you a Dots fan? Are you downloading TwoDots?! Um… got any pointers for us?! Leave ’em below!