Snowga, tough-love workouts to tone your whole body, moves from J. Law’s trainer — we’re totally into trying all of the fitness trends that’ll push our body into its strongest shape while having tons of fun. The latest exercise to score a spot on our exercise radar? The Colette Skate Gym, a French creation that uses the super slim Penny Skateboard and pilates-like moves to strengthen, tone and tighten core muscle groups. To get the 411 on exactly why this innovative workout rocks and what it can do for our bod, we chatted up former pole vaulting champ and gym owner Raphael Doub.

Who’s perfect for the skate gym workout?

Curious about the kind of strength and athletic background a skateboard-based workout might require, we asked Raphael to describe the perfect candidate for the latest workout trend. He eased our fears, saying, “Though the Colette Skate Gym is especially great for surfers who need to stay fit until surfing season, or gymnasts and dancers who need an easy and efficient workout on the road, it’s perfect for anyone.” He also tells us that it’s actually ideal for people who get bored doing the same type of exercise, as it gives you major benefits and results with way more variety and fun. Does he know us or what?

What’s it like and how often should you do it?

Raphael describes the skate gym workout as “a mix between figure skating, rowing and cross-country skiing, which by definition are the three most complete sports ever,” based on strength, endurance and power. He also told us that, like the three sports he compares it to, balance is also a key element of the skate gym workout. The only difference is that with this workout, you don’t need to be on the water for rowing, snow for skiing or ice for figure skating. He says that doing the workout an hour a day just three times a week will give you incredible results. Whoa!

What are the benefits of the skate gym workout?

Raphael tells us that the skate gym workout has four insanely awesome benefits, which he describes as strength, balance, flexibility and lung capacity. Naturally, we asked for more deets about each.

1. Strength: Raphael tells us, “The skate gym routine is made of sweeping motions and broad movements where you need to put all of your muscles into action — otherwise the skateboard will not stay in place. You’ll be forced to use your strength to keep the board from rolling away or from falling.” Well, that’s one way to become stronger!

2. Balance: The balance benefit is tied super closely to strength. Raphael says that with each strong movement on the rocking skateboard you’ll also need balance to stay on. Needless to say, the skate gym is an amazing way to work on better body awareness too.

3. Flexibility: Raphael says, “I call it active flexibility. For example, in the skate gym workout, I created a move called ‘lunge on wheels.’ With this move, your body manages to achieve (with a little help from the wheels of the skateboard) a great stretch at a wide angle.” In the workout, active flexibility is combined with passive flexibility to give you feel-good regular stretching exercises at the end of the routine too. Hurts. So. Good.

4. Lung Capacity: Since the skate gym exercises keep your body involved in a fun and swift way, Raphael says the workout increases both heart AND lung capacity. Basically, you get to improve your health in both areas without even realizing that you’re doing it.

What we find MOST amazing is that each exercise Raphael told us about provides major benefits at the same time, instead of a more traditional workout, where you typically work on just one thing. Though it’s not exactly possible for us all to work out with Raphael in France, we can’t wait for the trend to catch on in the US, and will be practicing on our slim skateboards until then.

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