Whether the jeans are actually from your boyfriend, are secondhand from a thrift shop, are hand-me-ups from your little bro, or are a pair of Madewell’s too-perfect-to-be-true boy jeans, boyfriend jeans are a classic. But why stop at classic when you can go trendy?

Surely you’ve seen the color-blocking trend that is sweeping the nation, so here’s a cool way to make your boyfriend jeans stand out.

First, gather your supplies: boyfriend jeans, brightly colored fabric paint of your choice, paint brush, and masking tape. Then, turn the jeans inside out and tape off the jeans, as shown above.

Now, lay down a few sheets of newspaper so you don’t accidentally color block your apartment floor and paint the lower portion of the taped off section. For best results, use 2 coats of paint.

Once dry, throw ’em on and cuff! Go ahead and take them for a stroll, you deserve it.

But why stop there with the boyish-meets-color trend? Add in a pair of oxfords (we’re obsessing over this total splurge Jill Sanders pair), a white t-shirt, plaid button-up and a cap (for those *cough cough* bad hair days) and you’ll be spring-ready in no time.

How do you channel menswear in your everyday apparel? Got any style tips for kicking up those boyfriend jeans up a notch or ten? Send ideas our way by leaving a note in the comments below. Happy Color Blocking!

Chelsa Skees, currently working as a freelance fashion stylist, has an ever-changing sense of fashion deriving from her decade long experience in the fashion and beauty industry. She lives in the East Village of New York City and is constantly reinventing her style based on her love of fashion, beauty, travel and all things digital. Her favorite color is grey and she can beat just about anyone in a bubble blowing contest. You can find her on Twitter or her website.