Is it just us or does it seem like there’s a groundbreaking new hair trend every week? Today we’re introducing you to color melting hair, ombré and balayage hair‘s super subtle cousin.


From what we’ve seen of the color melting technique, it’s typically characterized by its seamless graduation from root to tip. It definitely gets progressively lighter towards the ends, but there are no harsh lines that give away exactly where the color changes.

color melt hair 2
color melting hair

Upon taking a closer glance though, I couldn’t help but notice that this sounds and looks a lot like the lived-in color trend I actually tested out just last month. After reaching out to the stylist who helped me achieve that look (CK Karkhanis of Archer Salon in SF) she confirmed that it is indeed the same thing. My color is pictured below.


The only difference is that color melting seems to relate more to the technique being used in those ultra vibrant rainbow shades in addition to the natural colors we’ve been seeing with lived-in hair. But hey, regardless of the name this is definitely the color trend that’s going to take 2016 by storm. So whether you’re asking for lived-in color, balayage or a colored melted tresses, you’re probably going to walk out of the salon with some gorgeous new locks regardless.

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(Photos via @hairbypaigenicole, @candicemarie702 and @maxgourgues)