Even though it’s not quite time to roll up your sleeves for Spring cleaning, the new year is a great excuse to evaluate your organization habits. And let’s face it, we could all use a little boost in that department. So we’re here with a tip: we always find it easier to keep up with all your small trinkets and miscellaneous stuff when it’s stored in something as fabulous as the rest of your home decor. These 10 beautiful boxes will get the job done without skimping on style.

1. Kvittra ($9): Up the amount of pattern in your pad with this tricked out, tribal-inspired storage box made out of laminated cardboard. This stunner is one in a series of multi-sized and patterned boxes, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

2. Grey Felt File Box ($60): This might be the most fashion-forward file box we’ve ever set eyes on. Made of heathered menswear wool, this sturdy box would suit any modern office or study. Wish it had leather accents! That would really take it up a notch.

3. Storage Box Set ($54): Kate Spade does it again. These punchy nesting boxes with metallic trim are the pop of color your home has been waiting for.

4. Lucite File Organizer ($44): This lucite file organizer is a foolproof way to add a modern touch to any workspace. Color coded filing was never more appropriate.

5. Box Box Color Set of 3 ($34): We never knew we could be flat out obsessed with a cardboard box. This colorful, multi-sized set is a storage solution that stretches far beyond paper—think shoes, CDs, and even toiletries!

6. Nate Berkus File Box ($20): Bye bye bulk! These slim, ikat print storage boxes are perfectly sized for organizing your stuff.

7. Rifle Tin Recipe Box Set ($34): If your most important file tabs are labeled “pasta sauces” and “easy-bake breads,” then this dotted recipe tin is the file box for you. There might not be a chicer way to cherish your family’s culinary hand-me-downs.

8. Semikolon Document Box Autumn Collection ($20): Lay your most important papers, DIY supplies, or jewelry flat in these stackable boxes that open easily with a fabric tab. We’re smitten with this dreamy, ombre-like color scheme.

9. White Collapsible Storage Box ($12): This orange dipped, collapsible storage box might be the most durable option for stashing your stuff. It’s strong enough to hold heavy objects, too! (Think: sweaters, heavy belts, etc.)

10. 4040 Locust Medium Nylon Rope Basket ($49): Looking for more of an open-air storage option? These cool nylon rope baskets are an especially great fit for those of you who always like to see inside your storage. (Pro tip: this is an awesome hack for storing stuff in your closet. Because you can always see it, you’ll never forget what you own, but it will be tucked away nicely and neatly.)

What are your tips and tricks for staying organized in the new year? Tell us in the comments below.