When we caught wind of a portable lamp with color adapting technology, our eyes instantly lit up at such a bright idea. This is much, much more than mood lighting; it’s an interactive user experience.

PEGA Design + Engineering flipped the switch when it developed ColorUp. Built in color-detecting sensors act as a chameleon, mimicking hundreds of Pantone swatches. It dares you to pick a color, any color! Simply place the lamp over any object or surface, give it a squeeze and watch it soak up and change to the same shade. With ColorUp, you can change the ambience of any room, any time.

ColorUp’s makers shed some light on its purpose and mission: “We believe most people have thought about changing the colors of their walls or surroundings, but it was too troublesome and most of us just give up and forget about it. That is the user experience ColorUp is changing; start remembering the passion you have for colors, start remembering the times you wish you could just change all the colors in your room, because now you can.”

After years of hackathons to build the perfect prototype, PEGA D+E has finally developed a ColorUp with the perfect size, brightness and battery life. Its silicone exterior and sleek shape are aesthetically pleasing and easily adaptable to any decor.

PEGA has yet to announce an exact month for when they’ll give ColorUp the greenlight and release them for purchase, but we hope they’ll be out before year’s end. Until then, we’re adding them to our holiday wish lists.

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(h/t Fast Company)