Between smart thermostats and smart door locks, it’s clear that our homes are on the road to some serious intelligence. And with the latest in smart home technology, the Avea lightbulb, you can now choose from multiple lighting scenes and shades to completely control the mood in any room of your home.

Priced at $50, the Avea smart lightbulb connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth to give you full control over the look, feel and shade of your lighting. With settings like “Northern Glow” and “Magic Hour,” users can turn any room into the setting of their desire. And with a built-in wake-up light feature, this smart gadget kicks alarm clocks to the curb and starts your day with a light scene that mimics a real sunrise. Now, no matter where you live, you can experience the ambience of a mountainside or a romantic summer sunset… without ever even stepping outside! We love simple pleasures like that!

The Avea smart lightbulb will soon be available for purchase online. We’ll be the first to let you know when this gadget is ready to make its debut in your home, but, until then, check out this awesome video that shows it in action!

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(h/t Engadget and CNET)