In case we haven鈥檛 made it entirely clear yet, let us say it again: We are all born creative 鈥 duh. But that鈥檚 where the creative similarities end. Not only do we all showcase our talents through an assortment of mediums, we also have daily routines that vary. We recently stumbled upon an infographic by RJ Andrews of Info We Trustthat highlights how famous creatives 鈥 from Maya Angelou and Mozart to Benjamin Franklin 鈥 spent the 24 hours in their days.

The info for 鈥淐reative Routines鈥 was compiled from Mason Currey鈥檚 Daily Rituals, a book that takes a look at the day-to-day habits of 161 novelists, playwrights, poets, painters, philosophers, scientists and mathematicians. RJ broke down the 24-hour cycle of 16 of those innovative individuals. He then segmented those days down into typical activities 鈥 sleep, exercise, work, etc. With the insight from the book, he made a visualization of how these gifted women and men spend their blocks of time day in and day out.

Some of our favorite creative quirks include Beethoven counting his coffee beans before brewing a cup, Maya Angelou preferring to work from hotel rooms and Victor Hugo鈥檚 penchant for long strenuous exercises on the beach. We have no doubt that many of you make like Charles Darwin and lie awake in bed solving problems. Likewise, we have no doubt that more of us should be pulling a Ben Franklin and asking ourselves, 鈥淲hat good shall I do today?鈥 in the morning and 鈥淲hat good have I done today?鈥 in the evening.

What daily rituals do you practice? Let us know in the comments.