It seems like everyone is goal bound at the beginning of the New Year, including us. But we’re not gonna lie: at just two weeks in, we may need a little help to stay on track (we’ve traded in gym time for dink time much too often already). Situations like this call for some serious inspiration, and luckily, we’ve found exactly that in these motivational desktop wallpapers. As always, these peppy digital backdrops are as far from Deep Thoughts cheesiness as you can get: these 20 are just as gorgeous as they are encouraging. Try this easy (and free!) way to keep up with your resolutions now and stay motivated all year long.

1. Like a Boss: You know you do what you do well. (via Design Love Fest)

2. Be Awesome: From keeping an open mind at work to holding the door open for someone at Starbucks, there are many ways to wake up and be awesome, which is pretty awesome in itself. (via Design-Milk)

3. Make This the Year: Procrastinators, this is the motivational desktop wallpaper you need. Act like there’s no tomorrow. (via Lovely Indeed)

4. Just Breathe: Caught up in the thick of it? Remember to close your eyes and harness your ujjayi breath with this wallpaper. ‘Cause yes, you can practice yoga at your desk. (via Brenna Rose)

5. Create Great Stuff: We love that this geo patterned desktop wallpaper gets those creative juices flowing. (via I am the Lab)

6. You Got This!: This desktop wallpaper is just as good as a pat on the back. Hang in there, dudes! (via Design Love Fest)

7. Good for the Soul: If you ask us, these are serious words to live by. Dedicate your time to something you find truly fulfilling. (via Design Love Fest)

8. Finish What You Start: Do you guys hear your mother’s voice when you read this desktop wallpaper? Tough love translates into sound advice that stresses just how important it is to follow through. (via Brenna Rose)

9. Work Work Work: You wanna hot body? You wanna Bugatti? You wanna Maserati? You better work b*tch! (via Design Love Fest)

10. Hustle Harder: Can’t stop, won’t stop! (via The Sweet Escape)

11. Step Away: Since being glued to your computer is more normal than not nowadays, this message is super important. Screen-free time helps your body and mind readjust, setting your focus away from the endless distraction that is the Internet. (via Heidi Sonnenschein)

12. Make It Happen: This motivational wallpaper graces many a desktop here at Brit HQ. We’re nuts about the modern design, the clean type, and of course, the message. (via Brenna Rose)

13. Make It Count: You wouldn’t believe how much your attitude can change once you start thinking of every moment as precious, from your eight hour work day to your one hour gym class to the 30 minutes of “me time” before bed. (via Design Love Fest)

14. You Can Change the World: It’s not cheesy, it’s true! (via Lovely Indeed)

15. You’re Amazing: Say this to yourself every time you brush your teeth. Go ahead. We bet you’ll be smiling much bigger afterwards. (via I am the Lab)

16. Move!: Ever think that maybe you’re the inspiration that others have been looking for? Find out when you take the lead. Annnd action! (via I am the Lab)

17. Every Single Cell: Preach! We rally 100% behind this message—it’s what Brit + Co. is all about! (via I am the Lab)

18. Make Time to Create: Try tapping into your creative side once a day through journaling, doodling, or making. Take it from us: there’s no greater reward than creating something with your own two hands. (via Whimseybox)

19. Life is Gouda: No matter how stressed you get, remember that there’s nothing more satisfying than a good pun ;) (via Lovely Indeed)

20. Yolo: ‘Nuff said. (via Design Love Fest)

What ways do you get yourself motivated? Do desktop wallpapers or posters do it for you? Tell us in the comments below.