Editor’s Note: This post was originally part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. And because we think the ’90s are all that, we decided to leave it for all you present-day readers who miss Crystal Pepsi. Keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

Your favorite (or second favorite, if you’re a Coke gurrl ;) cola is about to get one seriously slammin’ makeover. We know you’re totally in the same boat as us: You love drinking Pepsi but wish it looked more like Fresca, right? Well, either way, it’s about to happen. Introducing… Crystal Pepsi. Go ahead, oo and ah!

Pretty, huh? This soda looks like all that and a bag of Sun Chips — we can’t wait to get our straws in it. The new fizzy sipper is caffeine-free, comes in a diet variety, is, um, CLEAR and has a refreshing taste. Think of it like a “lighter” Pepsi. Say WHAT? Yeah, you heard us.

Haven’t found the clear stuff in your grocery store just yet? Right now it’s being tested in select markets around the country, from Denver to Dallas but should hit all of our shelves by early ‘93.

Crystal Pepsi cocktails, anyone? Stay tuned! We have a feeling this will be the type of pop that really changes things in the bev industry. Here’s to Crystal Pepsi 4Eva!

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