If you like beautiful things, you’re likely constantly stopping to admire the roses (et al!) from floral artists like the Instagrammers you follow or our friends Farmgirl Flowers. But the DIYer in you always speaks up and says, “I could totally do that!” Let’s face it; half the fun is doing it yourself! So here is a simple way to create a gorgeous floral arrangement for your wedding reception table. It will allow you the freedom to use your favorite flowers, colors and accessories, save you major bucks on your special day and could even be a fun project for the entire bridal party.

For our arrangement, we chose pink peppercorns and ranunculus. Ranunculi are a spring flower. By picking flowers that are in season, you can save even more money, making this arrangement perfect for a bright and floral spring wedding.


Materials for One Arrangement:

– 1 chalice, cup or vase

– 2 or 3 bunches of ranunculus

– 1-2 branches pink peppercorn stems

– 4-5 rocks


– scissors



1. Put the rocks at the bottom of your vase to weigh it down.

2. Measure each flower by holding it next to the vase and cutting it to the appropriate height. Repeat this step before placing each new flower.

3. Place the first row of ranunculus flowers in a circle around the edge of vase. This will be your base.

4. Grab a few of the pink peppercorn stems. Place them sparingly on the edge of the vase, allowing them to gently dangle from the sides. Begin to add the green leaves of the pink peppercorns to add contrast to the light and bright colors.

5. Add another layer of ranunculus, slightly taller than the first layer inside of the vase. Be sure to mix the colors for a diverse group of hues.

6. Add the last layer of ranunculus, just a touch taller than the last two layers, and place them right in the center of the vase to create a dome shaped arrangement.

7. Add water, and you’re done!


Large flowers have the tendency to become top heavy, so adding weight at the bottom of the vase will prevent the flowers from knocking it over. This is especially important if your reception is outside, since it will stop the wind from blowing over your vases and making a mess on your tables.


Never cut your stems too short! You can always trim more, but you can’t grow them back!


Be sure to cut the flower diagonally. This will help them live longer, so you can put these together the day before the wedding.


Build your arrangement by layering in the flowers with the leaves, letting the peppercorns and greenery spill over the vase. When you’re finished, add water and proudly display!


This arrangement is simple, beautiful, easy to make and inexpensive for a spring wedding. Just head to your local flower market or have the flowers delivered to you one day before the wedding.

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If you want to dive deeper into the art of floral arrangements, check out our class, taught by the one and only Farmgirl Flowers.


Will you be making these arrangements for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

(Styling and design by Ashley Tarr)