When’s the last time you got flowers for your house just because? If you don’t have them in your house now, then it’s been too long and we’re here to get your creative flower juices flowing. We’ve handpicked the best floral stylists sharing their creations on Instagram so you can add a little color to your feed, and hopefully your life too!

1. @jardinebotanic: These are the kind of arrangements we imagine we could create while skipping through a field of blooming wildflowers. Anyone who’s ever tried to compose a flower arrangement knows it’s not that easy, but Jardine‘s bouquets make it look like breathing.

2. @botanystudio: Even fresh flowers can have a vintage flair. Botany studio operates out of Toronto with soft, whimsical bouquets that are the best kind of old-fashioned.

3. @amy_merrick: Amy loves more about the outdoors than just the flowers. Her pics take you outside the vase and right back into nature to explore whatever grows. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can find inspiration in these stellar paper flowers she created!

4. @joflowers: The romance of flowers is certainly not lost on this floral stylist, but it’s not roses that steal the spotlight. She escapes all cliches with unexpected pairings like succulents with berries for some major star power.

5. @pretty_streets: What started as a little home-based, Brooklyn flower stand has grown into an all-out beautiful, blooming design studio. Founder Kristen Ossmann creates compositions that are both tame and wild.

6. @sarah_winward: Sarah keeps it seasonal and keeps her picks to what nature has to offer. By keeping things au natural, she lets the flowers’ inherent beauty take the stage.

7. @bloomandplume: Mr. Maurice Harris of Bloom and Plume brings drama to every plant he touches. Be it eucalyptus branches or ranunculus buds, he has a way with petals… and words too! His captions not only name his arrangements, but give them a lively personality. This one is Heather and we think she’s absolutely gorg.

8. @farmgirlflowers: As with everything, it’s most important to have fun with flowers, and Farmgirl does that. They make us want to make every season flower crown season. If you love ’em as much as we do, take their exclusive e-class to find out how to perfect your own flower skills!

9. @euphoricflowers: These event flowers are downright breathtaking. This UK operation works on arrangements small and large, all of which make a big impression.

10. @nicamille: Nicolette‘s knack for floral design is reminiscent of still lifes you’d see captured in a museum oil painting. Her photography background is obvious in the way she photographs her dramatic floral masterpieces.

11. @ruby_marylennox: This Berlin flower lover has us falling head over heels with each one-of-a-kind bloom. She tends to keep things monochromatic and sticks to only a few flower varieties, which really makes a lasting impression.

12. @yasminemei: Why, of course you can put fruit in your arrangements! Yasmine keeps it classy with little touches of surprise for that extra bit of “woooow” factor.

13. @tulipinadesign: While her arrangements are extravagant and carefully crafted, they still remind us that flowers are a nice everyday pick-me-up. If flowers could be friendly, Kiana Underwood‘s would be.

14. @studiochoo: Like all great stories, Studio Choo‘s starts with humble beginnings, rooted in the early days of creating arrangements out of a garage and kitchen. But now, their San Francisco studio is home to workshops and local goodies in addition to their amazing blooms.

15. @mooncanyon: This LA-based team keeps it simple, yet totally captivating. We’re thinking with flowers being so naturally intricate and lovely, sometimes simple is absolutely best.

16. @saipua: This family-run operation makes flowers and homemade soaps! Their feed is full of pics from the glory of nature and make you appreciate the crazy beauty that can come from just seeds and soil.

17. @putnamflowers: These folks like to keep it wild. Their window displays are home to huge succulent plants and their arrangements keep a fine mix of the unique and the classic. Putnam & Putnam is full of surprises that we want to keep tapping.

What are your fave inspiring Instagram feeds? Share them with us by tagging @britandco on Instagram!