When it comes to the art of giving gifts, we like to think that the wrapping plays a crucial part in making your gift as special as it can be. We know how much time you put into finding the perfect gift for your bestie/sister/significant other, so why cover up it up with blah paper or toss it in a generic gift bag? Take your gift-giving game to the next level with 11 of the cutest wrapping papers, tags and embellishments we have in the B+C shop.


1. Birthday Balloons Stamp Set ($14): Sometimes the simplest message can be the sweetest. Use these stamps to create your own cards, tags and wrapping paper for all the upcoming birthdays.


2. You’re a Gem Gift Tags ($15): Everyone deserves to be told how special they are, and now it’s easy with these glittery tags. Featuring an original illustration that was letterpress-printed in gold foil, these tags can can be used for all occasions.


3. Warm Watercolor Wrap ($13): Keep your options open with this set of three beautiful watercolor prints in one roll. Be sure to also check out the cool watercolor print if you want a different spectrum of colors.


4. Rustic Envelope Gift Stickers ($3): These stickers are such a cute way to seal your cards. Choose from many more options, for all manner of events, including save the dates, baby showers and Christmas.


5. Incredibly Awesome Gift Bag ($6): Let everyone know just how awesome you think the recipient of your gift is with a bag that proudly proclaims the message in big, bold letters.


6. Mustache Gift Wrap ($20): Tuck your gifts away in this whimsical paper that doesn’t have to be reserved for just the men in your life. After all, everyone loves a good mustache print.


7. Prism Gift Wrap ($12-$33): This geometric-print paper comes in a variety of colors, so you can stock up on them all. Printed on high-quality paper with a satin finish, this simple detail will make any gift look more luxurious.


8. From the Kitchen of Stamp Activity Set ($20): If you love to gift homemade goodies, this stamp set is a must-have. Make personalized tags and labels so your friends and family will think of you every time they try these delicious treats.


9. Watercolor Gift Tags ($9): These tags are simple and understated, yet still beautiful. We suggest keeping a stash on hand at all times, so even the most basic wrapping can be given a special touch.


10. Me + My Arrow Gift Tag ($5): Use these adorable hand-painted wooden arrows as either gift tags or ornaments. Pick your favorite color, or if you can’t decide, just get them all!


11. Rainbow Garland Paper Dots ($18-$32): When in doubt, just cover everything with rainbow polka dots! This fun garland can be used for party decor or gift wrapping, and can be re-used many times over.

Which of these items are you most excited to buy? Let us know in the comments below.