When it comes to a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, giving the gift of experience is almost always more fun and thoughtful than even the most beautifully wrapped tangible item. Research even says so! But when we’re at a loss for ideas, sometimes we need a little nudge to point us in the right direction. That’s the idea behind Merry-Go Co., an Austin-based gift service that helps gift-givers choose from a vast array of adventures, from wine country getaways and dinners at amazing restaurants to water park excursions and in-home cooking classes.

Gift categories run the gamut. Choose from options in categories such as “activities,” “entertainment” and “one-of-a-kind.” Every experience available on the site is pretty unique. Each gift comes with a personalized, handwritten note dictated by the gift-giver and handled by the brand. If the recipient isn’t really digging the gift once it’s presented to them, they can exchange it for another experience of a similar value. Easy peasy!

Experiences available for purchase through the site are limited to the heart of the Lone Star State for now, but we have a feeling there’s either an expansion in the works or a host of similar websites focusing on other regions heading to a URL near you. But for the Texan who’s always up for a little adventure, the site offers more than just a Pinterest-like board full of ideas, all buyable through the site itself. We’re into its “Monthly Merry-Go Mystery Date,” an $89 subscription service that signs a recipient up for a new surprise each month, from craft beer and wine tastings to dinner theater experiences and more.

We’re not one to drop hints or anything, but for our next birthday, hanging out with a fromage maker at Austin’s favorite cheese shop wouldn’t be the worst way to spend it. Just saying.

Would you give this kind of service a whirl? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.