You and your bestie know everything about each other. You throw each other the best birthday parties. You cheer each other up after a breakup. And some of you #GirlBosses out there even start companies together. But no matter how close you are, sometimes it can be hard to pick out that perfect gift for your closest gal (or guy!) pal. Whether your bestie is an avid foodie, traveler or DIY master, here are 25 gifts anyone would totally want to receive.


1. For the Foodie: If your bestie is the type who always invites you over for over-the-top dinner parties, these Foodie Dice ($24) will satisfy her appetite for the perfect gift. Each die contains a different type of food, from a protein to an herb, and a cooking method, making dinner a fun and interesting game.


2. For the Nail Art Queen: Save your bestie a trip to the nail salon with a set of nail wraps ($13). They come in a variety of colors which are sure to fit her style and personality.


3. For the Minimalist: Does your favorite gal live in basics and neutral colors? Then some minimalist jewelry may be your best bet. This hand-forged brass ring ($50) is so stunning that she’ll be sure to wear it 24/7.


4. For the Gal on the Go: If your best gal is always headed somewhere, the last thing she needs to worry about is the battery level on her phone. Help her stay recharged no matter where she is with this All-in-One Phone Charger Handbag ($175).


5. For the Jewelry Lover: Every girl needs a go-to necklace that goes with everything in her closet. This Brass and Cream Beaded Necklace ($26) would pair well with jeans and a t-shirt, and would be equally as gorgeous with a little black dress.


6. For the Film Buff: If your best friend is known to end every conversation with a quote from their favorite movie, then they’ll definitely appreciate this unisex Bill Murray Dot Tee ($58) featuring the many moods of Steve Zissou.


7. For the Planner: Even if your gal isn’t the most organized person on the planet, we guarantee she will have so much fun planning her weekends with this 17-Month Planner ($20). Each page is full of compliments, super cute stickers and even a weekly to-do list that you can follow along with on Instagram via the hashtag #bandotodolist.


8. For the Homemaker: Is your gal is constantly working on a new DIY for her home? She’ll be sure to love this Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30). It comes with all the tools she’ll need to create her own stylish wall clock she will cherish for years to come.


9. For the Photographer: Professional photographers and Instagram addicts alike will have fun getting creative with this Lomo’Instant Camera ($119). It has an auto flash feature as well as manual shooting modes that allow the user to experiment with different exposures.


10. For the Writer: As writers and creative types ourselves, we all know you can never have too many notebooks handy to jot down those spur-of-the-moment ideas. The Y’all Gonna Notebook ($12) comes with either lined or blank pages and a lot of laughs every time they go to use it.


11. For the Ethical Fashionista: We all feel better knowing that our fashion is coming from a good place. This Drawstring Pom Pom Crotchet Purse ($52) is not only stylish, but it is hand-crocheted by Mayan women in Guatemala and ensures that they will have a better quality of life.


12. For the Aspiring Blogger: If your gal is looking for the skills to create an outstanding website, get her started with the gift of learning with our Coding 101: Intro to HTML +CSS Class ($20).


13. For the Bachelor: We all know that single dude who doesn’t like to venture far from the beer aisle at the grocery store. Mantry ($85-$225) is just the gift for him. You can choose to send him one crate or sign him up for a three-month subscription, and each box contains six full-sized artisan foods crafted into themes, such as Bourbon Breakfast. What’s not to love about that?


14. For the Craft Beer Aficionado: This Jalapeño Saison Beer Making Kit ($40) is the perfect gift for the friend that knows everything about IPAs. They’ll appreciate getting to learn the art of homebrewing, and maybe even let you try some of their concoction.


15. For the Crafty Cocktail Drinker: Treat your bourbon-lovin’ friend to this Etched Whiskey Tumblers Kit ($40). They can get crafty and design the perfect glasses for their bar collection, or you can customize them yourself and give them as a gift.


16. For the Girl Who Loves Body Art: This gift is great for your friend that likes to explore the world of body art. The Mehnd Henna Kit ($12) comes with all she needs to create her own beautiful temporary tattoo art.


17. For the Health Nut: Does your friend try all the latest diets and food trends? This Kombucha Home Brew Kit ($45) is a fun and easy way for her to make her own version of the healthful drink at home.


18. For the Animal Lover: For the person who loves their pet more than they love most people, a Custom Pet Pillow ($58) with their favorite furry friend is a sweet couch companion.


19. For the YouTube Beauty Babe: Your bestie scours the internet for the latest YouTube beauty tutorials, and maybe even has her own channel. This Beauty Station ($70) allows her to store all of her makeup in an organized space, and has a section for her tablet for easy viewing while she gets ready.


20. For the Coffee Connoisseur: We don’t know anyone who can turn down a good cup of coffee. Get your pal this Cold Bruer ($75) for a delicious cold brew at home.


21. For the Freshest Friend in the Bunch: If your bestie only buys organic and frequents the farmers’ market, she’ll totes be in love with this clever tote bag ($17). It’s made from recycled goods, so she’ll feel even better about carrying her produce in it.


22. For the Baddest B: Let your gal know just how great you think she is with this “You’re F’n Awesome” Candle ($18). It is available in three scents – we think the citrus and chili pepper is just as kickass as she is!


23. For the Creative Cook: Let’s be real: We all had those nights in college where we had one too many beers that ended in us cooking up some weird but delicious concoctions. Relive those memories by gifting your bestie the My Drunk Kitchen Cookbook ($23).


24. For Your Partner in Crime: You and your bestie have been known to get into a little bit of trouble from time to time, so this Thelma & Louise Towel ($24) is the ultimate gift. Bonus points if you are roomies!


25. For Long-Distance Besties: If you or your pal have since moved across the country, send her this Wooden Wall Art ($26) as a little reminder that home is always where the heart is.

What are you getting your bestie for their birthday this year? Let us know in the comments!