If you bake, decorate, and (more importantly!) eat a lot of holiday cookies during December, you may be pleased to know Daily Harvest will now let you get a sweet fix without any guilt. The soup, smoothie, and grain bowl delivery company has recently launched a collection of cookies made from nutritious, whole-food ingredients. Here are all the details.


Coconut Lemon Cookies, Cacao Nib Cookies, and Chocolate Chia Cookies are the three offerings. The dough is shipped to you frozen, and you can either eat it raw (it’s totally vegan, so you don’t have to worry about raw egg) or bake it up. The cookies are gluten-free and made with ingredients like coconut purée, cassava flour, sunflowers seeds, flaxseeds, and chickpeas. Plus, they are sweetened with maple syrup instead of refined sugars. The Chocolate Chia Cookies and Cacao Nib Cookies even have some superfoods thrown in (reishi mushroom and maca powder, respectively).

We had the chance to try all three flavors, and our favorites include the Coconut Lemon Cookies, which taste like a chewy mochi/macaron hybrid, and the Chocolate Chia cookies, which are like little indulgent brownie bites. For $48, you can buy three boxes (with 12 cookie dough rounds each) of either individual flavors or a variety pack featuring all of the flavors. It’s a little pricier than your typical cookies, but feel good knowing it’s actually fueling you through the day instead of hurtling you towards a sugar crash nap. In our opinion, that’s pretty much a priceless investment. Or so our little cookie-loving hearts tell us.

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(Photos via Daily Harvest)