Do you have loose paper fluttering around your work space? Does everything on your desk compete for your attention and make it hard to work? Do you spend at least ten minutes every day looking for that one document, folder or stray paper clip? Whether you’re a working stiff like us or cramming for midterms, having an organized, yet chic work space is an absolute must if you want to be more productive, confident and creative. Here are some of our favorite must-haves for decluttering your desk before spring and helping you stay organized and focused while you work.


1. IDEH Designs Perfect Planning Pack ($30): Call us old-fashioned but there’s something very satisfying about jotting down your meetings, appointments, coffee dates and activities for the week using good ol’ pen and paper. This weekly desktop planner is the perfect choice to view your weekly schedule and transform your workspace.


2. Livework Desk Memo Planner ($18): Pressed for space? This adorable little desk planner fits nicely in front of your keyboard or laptop without adding any unnecessary bulk or clutter.


3. Anthropologie Hanging Desk Organizer ($328): Not enough desk space? Skip the photo frames and sticky notes and opt for this chic and functional hanging desk organizer by Italian design house Seletti.


4. Iskelter Classic Station ($30): Keep your basics close at hand and easy to grab with the classic station: a universal caddy to keep your phone, sunnies and keys neat and organized.


5. Anthropologie Elby Desk Collection ($36): Colorful desk accessories can give your space a simple and much-needed pick-me-up. Opt for this pretty mint desk collection to create a color-coordinated work space that’s both lovely and organized. Win!


6. Urban Outfitters Paper Clip Photo Holder ($14): Bulky photo frames begone! We love this oversized paper clip photo holder to display all our pics and add a touch of quirkiness to an otherwise boring desk.


7. Lief Gold Glazed Porcelain Pebble Dish ($24): Add a touch of glamour and function to your desk with this catch-all pebble dish to store the odds and ends every desk seems to accumulate. After all, binder clips, hair ties and staples need a home too.


8. Anthropologie Pineapple Pencil Holder ($16): Get creative with your desk decor and find quirky pieces to make your home away from home truly stand out. This adorable gold pencil holder is a no-brainer for us.


9. Urban Outfitters Maki Tack Set ($8): When your eye wanders off of your screen or paperwork, wouldn’t it be nice to have it land on something that makes you smile? Ditch the drab tacks and grab these adorable sushi-inspired pushpins.


10. Brit + Co Tablet + Phone Stand Kit ($19): Add a natural and colorful touch to your office space with this DIY tablet stand to keep your phone, tablet or notebook planner safe and easy to find.


11. Mochi Things Weekly Schedule Notepad ($11): Get your desk and weekly schedule in order in no time by picking up this must-have notepad. Each sheet separates into each day of the week to let you be your optimal organized self all day, every day.


12. BlueLounge Cable Bin ($90): Nothing taints a workspace like a tangled mess of cords and cables. Keep them out of sight with this cable bin from blueLounge.


13. Mochi Things Vivid Desk Organizer Tray ($39): Investing in desk storage is a must, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The Vivid Desk Organizer is a great way to declutter your desk and add a much-needed pop of color to the space.

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