DIY Basics: The Matchbook Notebook
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DIY Basics: The Matchbook Notebook

While I love all things digital, it’s always nice to have a pen and paper around to jot down ideas and notes. In fact, there are more than a dozen awesome notebooks out there that I’ve been coveting lately. But, none of them are small enough to toss in my pocket or clutch, hence the inspiration for today’s DIY, the matchbook notebook. This project literally took me no more than 2 minutes and was made using super basic materials I already had lying around the house.

– Cardstock or magazine tear-out
– Paper (lined, unlined, whatever!)
– Stapler
– Scissors

For the “matchbook,” I used thick paper from a magazine tear-out. I loved how colorful and whimsical the illustration was. You can use whatever paper you want, though the thicker, the sturdier. For the inner paper, I used grid paper (my favorite for both writing and drawing), but you could use unlined paper as well.

It really is as easy as it looks to create this little pocket notebook. Just use a straight edge to cut 2.5″ from the cover paper you will be using. Then, line up your scratch paper inside and cut horizontally to fit. Fold up the bottom of your cover about half an inch, then fold the top cover to meet the bottom edge. Once this is done, you can cut your scratch paper to size. To finish it up, just staple the scratch paper inside the cover and you’re all set! Note that you may need to limit the stack of scratch paper you use depending on the quality of your stapler.

Keep making as many as you want. I’m planning to make an entire stash to keep in a jar on our conference room table at Brit + Co. Someone always forgets their notebook, so these would be perfect!

Would you use a matchbook notebook? Why or why not? Talk to me in the comments below!