Make This Need Supply Necklace for Under $7
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Make This Need Supply Necklace for Under $7

Did we say “under $7?” Yes we did! Statement necklaces are amazing, but if you can’t see yourself wearing the piece that much then there is no reason to clean out your wallet. We were in love with this $44 Need Supply Necklace, but 1. It was a little overpriced and 2. It’s sold out! Get ready, because in under 30 minutes and for under $7, this necklace can be yours.


  • gold choker
  • clear sequins
  • frosted bead
  • large gold jump rings


1. Just string them on!


  1. This is the easiest necklace-for-less hack EVER!

  2. We found this pre-made choker at the bead store, but you could totally DIY with wire.

  3. Make sure all of your beads have a large enough hole to fit onto the wire choker.

  4. Sequins are a great hack for beads because they make the necklace super light weight.

  5. Yes, in under 30 minutes and less than $7.00, you can DIY your own Gobi necklace.

  6. The metal and frosted textures rule against Iris’s deep eggplant shirt.






Keep the geometric theme going with your other accessories. We suggest art deco posts with a brass triangle ring.

Have you seen any necklaces that you love but are too expensive? Share them with us in the comments below and maybe it will be our next DIY for less!