How many times have you entered your closet and realized you have nothing to wear? Well, if you’re like us that happens about every morning. The solution to this problem is 1. Win the lottery and buy a new outfit every day or 2. Change it up with some simple DIYs! This summer dress DIY calls for one skirt from your closet and two more from H&M. For under $10 you’ll have a brand new summer maxi for all of your festival needs.



– three bodycon skirts in ascending sizes


– sewing machine

– pins

– scissors


1. Cut the bottom band off of the smallest skirt and the top band off of the two larger skirts.

2. Pin the skirts together in increasing size – small, medium, and large on the bottom.

3. Sew the skirts together!


Guess what – these three skirts cost us a total of $11 at H&M.


This DIY calls for a trip to your closet and to the store. You are going to want to choose three consecutive skirts sizes to construct this dress. It will depend on your body type, but to give you an idea we took a skirt (of the size we would normally wear) from our closet for the middle panel, and then bought a size smaller for the top and one size larger for the bottom panel. Cut off the bottom band of your smallest skirt and the top band of your two larger skirts.


Pin the bottom of the smallest skirt to the top of the middle sized skirt.


Sew the skirts together. Make sure you don’t sew both sides.


Pin the bottom of the middle skirt to the top of the largest skirt, then sew.


Strapless maxi FTW!


We styled this dress for the stripes to hit at her hips. The stretchy nature of the dress allows you to pull and style it all different ways.


Depending on your height you will need to hem to the appropriate length. We chose to hem these maxis to hit the middle of our calves.


In our eyes, a black and white patterned outfits will always call for a bright colored statement necklace.


These girls are definitely ready for festival season.


When in doubt – be silly! These pictures call for a flip-book.


NYFW Models out on the town.


Whoops – snuck myself in there!

Do you have any favorite summer clothing DIYs for the summer season? Share with us in the comments below!