We’re busy, busy girls, and often times exercise is the last thing on our minds. Heading to the gym in the AM or even after a long workday can be a hassle. While you look gorgeous just the way you are, exercising can be a beneficial way to get you feeling happy and healthy. We’ve compiled 12 quick-and-easy exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home.

1. Pajamas Arm Workout: Working out in pajamas? Sign us up! Take five minutes before bed to give your arms a quick workout. (via Popsugar Fitness)

2. Slim ‘n’ Sculpt Pilates: Our girl Cassey Ho knows what’s up when it comes to speedy and effective workout vids. Sculpt your body with this beginner’s guide to Pilates, which will take up less than 20 minutes of your day. (via Blogilates)

3. 5-Minute Flexibility: Flexible gym schedule, flexible body. Test out this yoga routine on your own time and you won’t regret it. (via Livestrong Woman)

4. Sculpted Arms: Anyone can tone their arms with this easy peasy workout. Plus, it will take less that six minutes of your time. (via Popsugar Fitness)

5. Energizing Morning Workout: Forget coffee — get an energizing start to your morning with these fabulous short workouts. It’s a great way to start any day. (via Ann Le)

6. Inner Thigh Workout: There are a ton of different leg exercises you can try, but we’re especially loving this easy Pilates workout to target the hard-to-work-out muscles of our inner thighs. (via Popsugar Fitness)

7. Low-Impact Cardio: Whether it’s before work in the morning or right before bed, this low-impact cardio workout is a great way to put a little pep in your step. (via Fitness Blender)

8. Bedtime Yoga: Get your body ready for a great night of rest with this short bedtime yoga routine. You’ll sleep like a baby. (via Yoga With Adriene)

9. 7-Minute Toning: Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still tone it up from your living room. (via Tone It Up)

10. 5-Minute Total Body: We had no idea you could fit so much movement into a five-minute period of time, but this short video has proved us wrong. Get ready to sweat! (via Sarah Fit)

11. 5-Minute Toned Arms: Five minutes = totally toned arms with these fun and simple exercises. Your sculpted arms will be Halloween-ready in just a few weeks. (via Blogilates)

12. 5-Minute Abs: You’ll definitely feel the burn with this quick ab workout. Do it before work or on your lunch break to keep that tummy looking and feeling great. (via Popsugar Fitness)

Do you think you’ll try out any of these quick exercises? Let us know if there are any we missed in the comments below!

(Featured image via Popsugar Fitness)