In 2017, cool girl Elyse Fox took a very public stand on mental illness in the social community. After struggling with depression herself, she launched Sad Girls Club, an IRL judgment-free zone where girls could go to connect, get help, and ultimately not feel so alone. Overnight, this filmmaker-turned-mentor created a revolution that reached out to girls everywhere, especially women of color, where stats consistently show the lack of access to mental health services. This 20-something with a Caribbean upbringing experienced that disparity first hand, so it only made sense to spread her mission far and wide, one post, in-person event, and hashtag (#SupportYourLocalSadGirl) at a time.

For our spotlight of inspiring females during Black History Month, we spoke with Fox firsthand to hear how she’s finding her own inspiration while making a difference in the lives of others. Scroll down to see the full interview below.

Brit + Co: Who has inspired you / continues to inspire you?

Elyse Fox: I’m inspired by the youth (Gen Z), they have an amazing view on life and tackle problems in such innovative ways. I like to study the way they think and process emotions.

B+C: What obstacle do you want to see women overcome in 2018?

EF: I want women to practice real feminism and support each other all the time. By looking past socioeconomic status and creating community together to spark a global change that we desperately need.

B+C: How do you use social media to inspire others?

EF: I use social media to create a judgment-free community and teach girls that it’s okay to be open about your mental health.

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B+C: What issue should we be paying more attention to?

EF: We should all be trying to find ways to defeat slavery in Libya and providing relief for the families and communities affected.

B+C: When do you feel most creative / most beautiful / most powerful / most magical?

EF: I feel most creative when I’m not feeling my best; I feel most beautiful when I believe in myself. I feel most powerful when my voice is heard. I feel most magical when I help others.


B+C: What would you say to inspire your younger self?

EF: Stay consistent and trust your vision.

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