We are stepping up our photo game with hand-embroidered photo pillows! These are the perfect gift for the mom who has everything, because we are sure she doesn’t have this. Choose a funny phrase that only you and your Ma would laugh at and hand-stitch it into an accent pillow. And here is a secret between you and me: This project will take you about 30 minutes to make. Shhh… she doesn’t have to know.


Materials + Tools:

  • photo transfer paper
  • fabric
  • fiber fill
  • embroidery floss
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • scissors
  • needle


1. Print your favorite black and white photo of your and your Ma onto the transfer paper. Cut two pieces of fabric to fit the photo and iron the photo on one of them.

2. Use the embroidery floss to hand stitch a short phrase to your Mama.

3. Sew a little more than three sides of the fabric, make sure good sides are facing inward.

4. Turn your pillow right side out.

5. Stuff your pillow and then sew up the open edge.

  1. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_001

    Your mom is going to love this personalized pillow.

  2. Embroidered_Picture_pillow_002

    We turned our favorite Mom photos into a greyscale so the embroidery thread made an extra pop!

  3. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_003

    Hand stitch a short phrase to your Ma using the embroidery floss. It’s time-consuming, so our suggestion is to leave the love letter for her handwritten card.

  4. embroidered-picture-pillow-005

    Make sure good sides are facing inward and sew around three and a half sides of the square pillow. Turn right-side out to reveal your photo and phrase.

  5. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_006

    Stuff with fiber fill and sew the opening closed.

  6. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_007

    Oh hey Mom!

  7. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_015

    I’m pretty sure that we all look exactly like our mothers.

  8. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_021

    Mom tats are probably the best thing that will ever be tatted.

  9. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_019

    Shout out to my Mom! I can’t wait to visit her in a couple of weeks back in New Jersey and give her this pillow! Mom, if you are reading this, pretend to be surprised.

  10. Embroidered_Picture_Pillows_008

    May we suggest pairing your mom pillow with a custom pillow of your pooch? This looks like the perfect gift to me :)

What other gifts have you personalized with photos? Share with us in the comments below!