Ready to bring some DIY into your cocktail hour? How about impressing the crowd with homemade cocktails *and* handmade etched glasses? Our latest round of Brit Kits includes two glass-etching kits to give your drinkware a major update – the Etched Whiskey Tumblers Kit and the Etched Champagne Flutes Kit. And since the best way to show off these glasses is to fill them with delicious cocktails, we’re bringing you our go-to champagne and whiskey cocktail recipes, each with an unexpected twist. Keep reading for some tasty libations!

Pomegranate French 75



– 1 oz. gin

– 1-2 splashes pomegranate grenadine (we used Liber & Co. Real Grenadine)

– champagne or sparkling wine

– raspberries


1. Pour a shot (1 oz.) of gin into each champagne glass.

2. Add one or two splashes of pomegranate grenadine into each glass, depending on how sweet you’d like the cocktail to be.

3. Fill the rest of each glass with champagne or sparkling wine.

4. Add raspberries as garnish.


The classic French 75 has gin, champagne, lemon and simple syrup, but we thought we’d add a berry spin to the cocktail. Enter Liber & Co.’s Real Grenadine, which is made with pomegranate and orange blossom water. This particular grenadine is much less syrupy than mainstream mixers, because it’s made with real cane sugar. And here’s a bonus — it adds tons of flavor without being overly sweet.


Start by pouring one shot (about one ounce) of gin into each etched champagne glass. Then add one or two splashes of pomegranate grenadine. Fill the rest of each glass with champagne or sparkling wine. Add a handful of raspberries to top off the yummy drink.

Pro Tip: Add the raspberries slowly! The fruit makes the champagne fizz all over again, which means you might be mopping up spilt champs (zamboni time!).


How simple was that? This drink may just rival the mimosa for our new favorite brunch cocktail.


Check out those bubbles. The thirst is real.

Whiskey Ginger With Lemon



– 1 oz. bourbon

– ginger ale

– Ficks Lemon Cocktail Fortifier

– lemon

– ice


1. Fill up each whiskey glass with ice cubes.

2. Pour a shot (about 1 oz.) of bourbon into each glass.

3. Fill up most of the glass with ginger ale.

4. Top off the cocktail with a splash of Ficks Lemon Cocktail Fortifier, then garnish with slices of lemon.


Next up, we’ve got a whiskey ginger ale recipe with a major twist. We added Ficks All Natural Cocktail Fortifier, which includes tons of ingredients scientifically shown to prevent hangovers. Cool, right? Three cheers for Kickstarter for bringing this fortifier into the world!


First, fill each etched whiskey glass halfway with ice cubes. Pour one shot (about one ounce) of bourbon over the ice. Then fill up most of your glass with ginger ale.


Add a splash of Ficks Lemon Cocktail Fortifier and stir. Less is more with this stuff! Place a slice of lemon on the edge of each drink, and you’re good to go.


Whiskey. Ginger ale. Lemon. NO HANGOVER. Our kinda cocktail.


What are your go-to whiskey and champagne cocktails? Share with us in the comments below!