Whether you鈥檙e moving into a new apartment聽or looking for creative ways to redecorate聽the space you鈥檝e got, a few new pieces of wall art here and there can transform your room. And while you鈥檙e redecorating, if you can support some fellow makers in the meantime, it鈥檚 a total win-win 鈥 which is why we鈥檝e corralled some of the best Etsy store prints for you to enjoy. Scroll on for 12 gorgeous new prints that would look perfect on your wall.


1. Full Spectrum Apparel Freedom of Speech Poster ($15): If you鈥檙e a writer trying to boost your creative juices, or you鈥檙e looking for an adorable update to your office digs, this pre-computer era print is a mega cute way to do the trick. It鈥檚 almost guaranteed to get your thoughts moving.


2. Tubidu Through All Ages Landscape Print ($28): This pretty print will go anywhere you need a little blue hue. Whether it鈥檚 adding to an already azul feel or complementing a contrasting scheme, this minimalist print is where it鈥檚 at.


3. Hands Quote Print Poster ($22): An adorable print, beautiful colors and lyrics from one of the most swoon-worthy songs there ever was makes for one of the most lovely and versatile prints around. Toss it in a cabin for an extra 鈥渙n the road鈥 feel or even in a nursery to play up the sweet vibes of the song.


4. Natalprint Flying Elephant Art Print ($10): Drawn onto a page of a dictionary, this crazy cute print of an elephant in a hot air balloon is seriously whimsical in the best way possible. Bonus: This handmade darling ships worldwide, so you can get it whereva you want.


5. Minnesota Print Co. Wanderlust Print ($5): Whether聽you鈥檝e got wanderlust on the brain, are planning your next trip or just want to add a little color to a monochrome space in your place, this globetrotting-inspired beaut鈥 is the pretty bit of color that you鈥檙e looking for. Flank it with some travel guides for a super wandery feel.


6. Sundaze Society Let That Sh*t Go Buddha Print ($20): If you鈥檝e got a certain spot where you like to relax or just need a little bit of no-frills positive vibes in your life, this to-the-point print featuring Buddha himself will certainly deliver.


7. Eloquent Otter Hitchhiker鈥檚 Guide to the Galaxy Heart of Gold Poster ($20): This pretty thing is part of an entire series of prints based on The Hitchhiker鈥檚 Guide to the Galaxy. It聽features minimal designs and fitting descriptions that will make any fan (and we mean of the book, movie or minimalism in general) smile from ear to ear.


8. Victorian Wall Art Chrysanthemums Antique Flower Print ($10): This antique-inspired poster is ideal for kitchens or bathrooms 鈥 anywhere that you want to play up a clean, natural and comfy vibe.


9. Ink and Awl Stack of Pancakes Linocut Reduction Poster ($35): Here鈥檚 a聽nice little reminder to frame your journey through life: Sometimes things come to us covered in sugary syrup, but it doesn鈥檛 mean that they鈥檙e the pancakes we all love. Keep this little nugget of advice in mind every time you catch a glance of this poster.


10. Charley Chartwell Shakespearean Insults Print ($25): This piece of wall art was crafted as an ode to 鈥淪hakespeare鈥檚 dagger-like wit鈥 by featuring 100 of his best phrases. Printed on 100-pound聽paper in Minnesota, it鈥檒l come straight your way 鈥渨ith love,鈥 according to the maker鈥檚 profile, which is a-okay with us.


11. Quadralinea Shop Prada Marfa 1837 Poster ($7): In case you can鈥檛 get to the real deal in Texas (not everyone is quite able to venture into the middle of nowhere, Texas at the drop of a hat), you can still soak up a bit of installation art beauty with this Marfa-inspired print.


12. Bis for Bonnie Be You Bravely Gold Foil Print ($15): If there ever were words that you can do with hearing everyday, these are it鈥 and here they come delivered to you wrapped in glorious gold foil. The pinnacle of inspiring home decor has been reached, and your very own version is just a click away.

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