We all had a moment over the course of the holiday season between binge-watching our favorite TV show and having seconds/thirds of all the food where we remembered our New Year’s resolutions and thought: Damn. Those. As much as we’re buds with kale smoothies and our gyms, wouldn’t it be a dream if we could get back in pre-Halloween shape without actually having to set foot on a treadmill? A recent study released from scientists at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute says that daydream could be a reality in the form of a pill that replaces exercise.


Say WHAT? Basically, these scientists found a way to trick white fat cells into behaving like brown fat cells and want to put this magic into pill form. The white fat cells store excess energy in the body, which can result in obesity, whereas the brown fat cells burn that energy and help with weight loss. So if there are more brown fat cells in the body, you know what that means ;)


While this is all definitely exciting, this magical pill would not be the end-all, be-all for physical activity. There are just so many benefits to the oft-dreaded task. Also, sidenote: You’re gonna have to keep up that weekly workout regime for another 10 years or so, as the team of scientists believe that’s how far away they are from a commercially viable product. What a buzzkill.

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(h/t Science of Us)