Hey, gorgeous! With summer just around the corner, we want you feeling your absolute best 鈥 healthy, strong, confident, and radiant. You deserve it!

That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e all kicking off the Tone It Up Bikini Series together on May 7th. This eight-week fitness and lifestyle challenge is filled with daily toning moves, new booty-kicking workouts, delicious recipes, nutrition advice, and so much love and support from the Tone It Up community. Join us for the Bikini Series聽HERE to get all the details and start an incredible adventure!

To get a jumpstart on the challenge, today we鈥檙e sharing three of our best tips for feeling strong and confident from the inside out. These tips have been game changers for us and they鈥檒l make you feel amazing!

1. Grab your girlfriends. Having an accountability partner is key to reaching your fit goals. An accountability partner will challenge you and cheer you on. You鈥檒l push each other during your workouts and have so much fun doing it! Plus, research shows that women who work out with friends exercise more often and are more motivated. We like to text or call our girlfriends on Sundays and plan workout dates for the week. Book a yoga class and then grab a coffee or a smoothie after or plan for an evening walk together. This is the perfect way to hold yourself accountable and spend quality time with your girls.

Looking for an accountability partner? The Tone It Up community has so many incredible women who are just waiting to meet you. You can connect with us on Instagram #TIUteam!

2. Put pen to paper. Journaling is such a powerful tool 鈥 we do it every single day! Take a few minutes each morning or evening to jot down your goals and intentions for the day. You can also spend some time once a week (we love doing this on Sundays) to sit in a comfy spot and reflect on your long-term goals. Visualize your dreams and manifest them!

Your journal is also the place where you can track your workouts, meals, and water intake to help hold you accountable. You can grab your new Tone It Up Journal HERE.

3. Get out of your workout comfort zone. We love the quote, 鈥淟ife begins at the end of your comfort zone.鈥 It鈥檚 true for your career, your relationships, and your workouts! Switching up your workouts keeps you motivated, helps you avoid plateaus, and keeps your beautiful muscles toned and strong. Consider adding some new workouts to your routine that your body may not be used to. Sign up for that boxing class you鈥檝e been wanting to try or that barre class your friend鈥檚 been raving about! Or why not try something totally different like a hip-hop class or aerial yoga?

You can also find all different types of workouts 鈥 HIIT, kickboxing, barre, yoga, dance cardio, strength training, yoga sculpt 鈥 in your Studio Tone It Up App. Sign up HERE and start your seven-day free trial today.

Looking for more tips to have your best summer ever? Sign up HERE for the eight-week Bikini Series and we鈥檒l immediately send you your FREE Starter Pack with everything you need to know about the challenge, three slimming summer recipes, and our top tips to succeed. So excited to get started with you!

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