Now that you’ve passed Mother’s Day with flying colors, it’s time to start thinking about all the other important occasions ahead. Father’s Day, graduation, and summer wedding season are just a few of the reasons that you’ll be writing a card or two over the next few weeks. But what about if you have no idea where to get a card, can’t find time to get to the post office, or are traveling abroad?

Thanks to Felt, you can now send handwritten cards directly from your iPad, and they actually look pretty legit.

To get started, download the free app and scroll through a whole bunch of card design options, created exclusively for Felt. Choose one that fits the occasion and the person you’re sending the card to.

Use your fingertip to hand write a personal message on the inside of your card. You can write, draw, doodle, or do whatever you’d do with a pen! If you’re planning on using this app a lot, a touchscreen-friendly stylus might really take things to the next level.

Once you’re done with the inside of the card, it’s time to address the envelope. This part is also handwritten by you! So cool.

Now that you’ve written everything you need to, it’s time to send that card. Every card is printed on premium Mohawk card stock, sealed in a kraft paper envelope, and stamped for $3.99. A pretty sweet deal considering the convenience. Besides, most premium cards are around that price anyway!

What do you think of Felt? Would you use it to send cards? Do you still write handwritten cards? Talk to us in the comments below.