You know what’s the best case scenario for bike safety? Never ever getting hit by a car while riding your bike. Designer Will Verity agrees, which is why he invented a jacket that flashes when drivers get too close to you.

Fast Company reports that Verity was inspired by the tendency for British women to feel unsafe while riding bikes in urban areas. Indeed, The Economist states that London men are four times more likely to bike than women. WTF, right? And the theory behind this stat is that women are just more afraid than men to dangerously weave in and out of moving traffic. This fear is reasonable; owning it is probably why women live longer.

If we want to fulfill our feminist quest to live forever and eventually rule the Earth, Verity thinks that women should take some safety precautions in the form of his bright, white, light-up jacket before hopping on their two wheelers.

Built with sensors, the jacket flashes its LED lights when moving cars loom near. The closer the car, the faster the light blinks. Because the jacket is fitted and semi-transparent, it’s clear to drivers they are fast-approaching either a person wearing a crazy-cool safety vest or an angry ghost who is pulsating with unfulfilled vendettas. Either way, they’ll be prompted to slow down.

Would wearing this jacket make you feel comfortable when hitting the road? Let us know in the comments below.

(h/t Fast Company)