We humans are — let’s face it — far too sucked into social media. Sometimes to the detriment of our actual social lives. Lara Défayes, a student at ECAL, has come up with a pretty darn clever way of making a point about this: She created a FOMO Survival Kit.

Her kit contains three intensely red tools: a whistle, a compass and a flashlight. These tools are an analog way to keep in touch with popular events you would otherwise find on places like Facebook.

When you blow the whistle, it will read off the names of people who are going to attend the next big event on your social calendar. When you pull out the compass, it’ll point the way to said event. And as for the flashlight, it will blink to indicate how long until the event; long blinks for hours, and short blinks for minutes.

stressed anxious woman in glasses biting fingernails

If you think all this is silly, GOOD. That’s the point. We are supposed to feel a little foolish by how much we are obsessed with being connected all. the. time. We think it teaches a good lesson — we should really be spending less time being so worried about missing out than actually living our lives.

Everyone who is maybe a little too attached to social media and what everyone else is doing (maybe not just millennials) should be given one of these kits. Sometimes it takes something crazy for people to see how ridiculous something is.

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(h/t Fast Company Design, video via Lara Défayes; photos via Getty)