The wide world of wearables has come a looooong way in a short amount of time, but one major pain point remains: a lot of these smart, life-enhancing devices — thoughtfully designed as they may be — still look like wearables. Sure, many of us are cool with flexing our tech-savvy cred but, for some image-conscious gals, getting spotted with a smart motion tracker around the wrist is kiiiinda like being caught with spinach in your teeth. Luckily, tech and lifestyle brands are onto us. We witnessed with the recent release of the FitBit Alta just how much emphasis is being placed on not just creating devices that fit conveniently into our day-to-day lives, but that are literally beautiful to look at too.


We got a chance to check out (and demo!) some of Fossil’s latest activity trackers at SXSW, and it’s safe to say the company has totally figured out the marriage of functionality and design. Q Motion, the brand’s newest activity tracker, could maybe pass for an ordinary bracelet. But, being a tried-and-true wearable, the smartypants device connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth to track both your movement AND sleep. Users can also set it up for notifications via vibration or a subtle LED flash and — our favorite part — use it to play tunes or configure their phone’s camera with a simple tap. What’s more, the Q Motion doesn’t need to be recharged for a whopping six months and is water resistant for up to 50 meters.


Q Motion joins the rest of Fossil’s Q-series smart wearables, launched last fall, and we got to see the whole collection in action (sidenote: OBSESSED with the Q Founder smartwatch, pictured above). We also got to hear a little more about Fossil’s tech philosophy that informs their women-geared wearables from Brand Experience Manager Robyn Sills: in short, that women are not only interested in tech but “are interested and want to know more.” We feel you, Fossil.

The Q Motion will be out this summer. Stay tuned!

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(Featured photo via Fossil)