These days, there are so many different kinds of wearable tech out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Most activity trackers have something in common — they track exercise and are designed for the gym, and while that’s nice and all, sometimes you just want a wearable that works for life. Fitbit is kind of the OG of the fitness tracker world, yet they’re still doing some pretty cool, innovative things. Last month at CES, they unveiled the Fitbit Blaze, the fitness watch that will rival the Apple Watch. This morning, Fitbit officially announced the launch of their brand-new wearable, and it’s their most stylish effort yet.

Fitbit Alta_Luxe Leather_Blush Pink_Text Notification

Meet the Alta ($130), a slim activity tracking bangle that would be a welcome addition to any arm party. This little tracker comes with Fitbit’s signature SmartTrack technology that will automatically recognize and log when you’re exercising. Like any good wearable these days, the Atla counts your steps, tracks your sleep, tells you how many calories you’ve burned and also reminds you to move from time to time. You can skip from screen to screen simply by tapping the tracker. And it doubles as a lifestyle watch too, with text, call and calendar notifications. Seriously, they’ve put a lot of effort into making sure the Alta is an all-around lifestyle band.

Fitbit Alta_Lifestyle 5

But that’s not the best part. The best part is how seamlessly it goes with your super chic outfit ;) I got the chance to wear it all day and hardly felt like I was wearing a fitness tracker — it looks far more like a bracelet. Plus, the bands are totally interchangeable and there are seven different styles to choose from: black, plum, blue and teal elastomer bands ($30); gray and white leather bands ($60) and a luxe silver stainless steel ($100) — plus the metal body itself also comes in two colors, gold and silver.

Yeah, this might just be the most wearable wearable yet.

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