Guess what?! Cardio is not synonymous with running! You don’t have to hit the pavement to get all of the fat-burning benefits if running isn’t your thing. As long as you’re moving and getting your heart rate into that cardio zone, you’re still getting the perks. There are actually tons of different ways to get your cardio in that don’t involve running. Swimming, biking, hiking, and dancing are just a few options. We put together three of our fave cardio routines that tone your bod, increase your metabolism, and keep you smilin’ the whole way through.



We love the stairmill machine because it really perks up your booty while toning your calves too. If you don’t have a stairmill available to you, you can always use a set of stairs at a park, apartment building, or leading up to your local library (hello, Rocky status!!).

Try it out HERE!

Jump Rope


Talk about feelin’ like a total badass! Jump roping always makes us feel strong and energized. It’s one of the best forms of cardio to raise your heart rate while toning your core, arms, and entire lower bod.

Try out THIS jump rope workout!

High-Intensity Interval Training


Also known as HIIT. We love doing total body HIIT routines. When you work your entire bod at once, it allows you to burn even more calories than you would by just working one area. It’s a win-win with cardio and toning in one.

Try out our 13-minute total body toning HIIT routine HERE!

And don’t forget to give your muscles the fuel they need after an intense sweat sesh. We always have a smoothie with our Tone It Up protein 30 minutes after a workout to help decrease sore muscles. We’re totally in love with THIS avocado protein smoothie right now.

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(Photos via Tone It Up)