Leading up to Game of Thrones鈥 penultimate season this Sunday, KAYAK has embedded a dragon-sized Easter egg in its flight search tool, in case you were wondering how long it would take to travel between the various cities in and around Westeros.

Want to book a last-minute trip from wintery Winterfell to the hot smokey remains of King鈥檚 Landing? That will set you back a cool $14K and 46 hours of your time鈥 but you get to travel in style on the dragon of your choice. If you want to escape Cersei鈥檚 Iron Throne rule and head east across the sea to Braavos (where Arya picked up her badass fighting skills), that will only cost you about $400 via ship, but you鈥檒l have to endure about 102 hours of sea sickness.

More cities are being added over the next 24 hours, but check out the currently available locations below. Just type in your Game of Thrones to/from destinations of choice in KAYAK鈥檚 flight search tool, and you鈥檒l get travel options via carriage, ship, and dragon. Happy (fantasy) traveling!

  • King鈥檚 Landing, Westeros (KLA)
  • Oldtown, Westeros (OLT)
  • Lannisport, Westeros (LPR)
  • Gulltown, Westeros (GUN)
  • White Harbor, Westeros (WHI)
  • Winterfell, Westeros (WFL)
  • Pyke, Iron Islands, Westeros (PYK)
  • Tyrosh, Essos (YRH)
  • Pentos, Essos (PEO)
  • Braavos, Essos (BRV)

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(Photos via HBO and KAYAK)