Is it any wonder we are in love with blue hair? Blue, especially dark hues like indigo, is a mystical color. It stands for the third chakra, communication. So is it any wonder that a person who speaks the truth is said to be “true blue”? Indigo stimulates the brain and ushers in creativity. So it stands to reason that when we want to express ourselves in a most unique way, we turn to blue. Take the colored hair trend, for example. While it’s common to see pastels or gray granny hair, the blues are few and far between. Because it takes a bold spirit to pull off blue.

You don’t have to run to a salon to try on the blue-hair trend for size. Just take to the beauty aisle and throw into your basket some semi-permanent hair color and some clarifying shampoo. This method is especially good for color treated and highlighted hair, as the blue color will “take” and appear more saturated on the natural parts of your hair and a hue or two lighter wherever you have highlights. Even better, semi-permanent color washes out in a few weeks, so if you don’t blue enough to keep it, no problemo.

If all this talk about blue hair has you in a blue mood, this hair hack describes step by step how to wash in semi-permanent blue.

If you try it on for size, and find you like it, you might want to try Tinge. We got the low-down from Anha Durakovic, SF-based hairstylist and the creative mind behind the product. She reveals five things you need to think about before dying your hair.

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