With the crazy colorful hair trend at its peak, lots of ladies are heading to the salon and requesting rainbow ombre locks, blue balayage lowlights and straight up ‘90s-style streaks. Because we’re never ones to shy away from a trend, we wanted to figure out an easy way to try this out at home.

So, we took to the beauty aisle and stocked up on a few key items. Namely, semi-permanent hair color (Manic Panic FTW) and clarifying shampoo! By mixing the two together, you can create a flash wash that’s easy enough to do at home. This method definitely works best if you have a few highlights as those will be the pieces that absorb the color the best.

Now, let’s get to it! #BlueHairDontCare

 – clarifying shampoo

– semi-permanent hair dye (we used Manic Panic)

Pour a good amount of hair color into your hands. Be sure to wear gloves, this stuff is insane to wash off your skin.

Next, match the amount of shampoo to the amount of hair color and mix together in your palms before shampooing into your hair. For the first wash, I did a mix of purple hair dye and shampoo. Then I decided to add a second wash using blue hair dye and shampoo to create a more dimensional finish.

Shampoo into your hair. Try avoiding your scalp so you don’t stain it with the hair color. Use cold water to really help the color grab onto the hair cuticle.

Rinse hair out and towel dry. And the reveal in 3… 2… 1…

Boom! it totally worked! You can see that my scalp did get a little bit of the dye on it, but it totally rinsed out after another shampoo using Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo, one of the best on the market.

As you can see it also appears as though my entire hair color shifted a few levels darker. This is because the darker pigment has also grabbed on to the darker strands of my hair creating a shift in the tone. This should also wash away with the clarifying shampoo treatments.

Brush hair and blow dry or style as you usually would.

I couldn’t help but channel my inner rockstar ;)

Voila! The initial haircolor was done on a Friday. Then I did three clarifying treatments over the weekend to see how the color changed.

Two things to know about this shampoo prior to using it:

– It WILL strip out any artificial hair color. If you do not want to risk changing the color of the rest of your hair, it is best to just let the semi-permanent hair color wash out and fade on its own throughout your normal hair cleansing regimen.

– Because it strips your hair so much, it is best to apply a really good conditioner to avoid sacrificing the integrity of your hair — we recommend It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask.

As you can see after the three treatments the color has washed out quite a bit. The beauty of this is that the strands of hair that were darker are now appearing to get back to their original color and the pastel bits have faded but actually appear to be brighter and more vibrant! You can literally do this with any color combination. So easy and so much fun!

Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy color? Talk to us in the comments below.