Got someone on your list who loves snapping photos every chance they get? Perhaps they’re all about old school film, just purchased their first DSLR or swear by their very special VSCO filter recipe — no matter what, they’ve got a thing for capturing images. This holiday season, give the shutterbugs in your life goodies that celebrate their favorite hobby, from selfie sticks (yep) to a gorgeous book of Polaroids.


We’ve teamed up with stylish eyewear brand Zenni to round up our favorite gift ideas for photographers. Get ready to say cheese!


Before we delve into the goodness of this gift guide, allow us to bring you up to speed on Zenni. This optical company uses state-of-the-art optical materials to manufacture eyeglasses, made to order just for you. That’s right. No middleman, and glasses are only produced upon order. The result? High-quality glasses that are affordable for everyone. And guess what? They’ve got more than 6,000 frames to choose from. You knew you needed a reason to get your eyes checked in the New Year… ;)


1. Zenni Hipster Specs ($26 and up): Let’s take it from the top. Still bummed your dad never built you that treehouse when you were little? Now you can — bear with — wear a treehouse on your face! These Faux Wood Frames ($30) feature that classic wayfarer shape and are available as glasses or sunnies. They’ll most definitely *spruce* up your look. Next, we’ve got a pair of Browline Eyeglasses ($30) that are all about the two-tone retro aesthetic. Below that we’ve got a Two-Tone Acetate Pair With Spring Hinges ($26). So fly! And we’ll finish this one off with the coolest shades we’ve seen. Dubbed 1878, these Acetate Full-Rim Frames ($28) are picture-perfect for a pair of chic sunglasses.


2. Camera Crazy ($20): This book features all sorts of obscure cameras as well as what types of photos all these different cameras capture. It’s a great tome for camera nerds.


3. Firefly Clip String Lights ($24): What looks like a simple piece of copper wire is actually a string of lights! It makes for a cute way to hang up photo booth prints, Polaroids and more.


4. Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame ($6): Turn your favorite photo into a glitter snow globe.


5. Mini Instax Photo Album ($6): Love all the pics you’ve been taking with your little Instax camera? Curate them into a book of your own.


6. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): Jury’s out on whether or not the selfie stick is here to stay, but you might as well jump on the trend and give it a whirl.


7. Konstruktor DIY Camera ($39): Got an hour or two? In that time, you can use this kit to build your own 35MM SLR camera. Seriously.


8. Fancy Phone Photo Lenses ($20): Not up for lugging around a heavy camera all the time? Throw a few of these lenses in your purse and your phone miraculously doubles as a pretty fancy camera.


9. Polaroid 600 Camera + Film Set ($122) + 600 Film (for Polaroid 600 Camera) ($24): How happy are we that Polaroid and Polaroid film is back on the market? VERY happy!! Gift pretty much anyone on your list a Polaroid camera and they’ll be ecstatic.


10. Colorful Camera Strap ($10) + Black and White Camera Strap ($9): A stylish camera strap can be tough to find, especially when you want to make sure it’s sturdy and supportive along with looking good. These two options are great for small- to mid-size cameras.


11. Lomo’Instant Camera ($119): Another instant camera option, the Lomo’Instant has an auto flash shooting mode so you can easily shoot fantastic instant photos with flash at the touch of a button.


12. Canon Camera Lens Mug ($24): You’ve seen this one before, and now it’s finally time to buy it. Use it for coffee or hot cocoa, or on your desk for storing pens and pencils.


13. New Year’s Eve Photo Prop Party Pack ($22): You can never have enough photo props!


14. The Polaroid Book ($15): Get inspired by a collection of more than 400 Polaroid works that illuminate the beginnings of the medium along with a short history of the Polaroid Corporation.


15. Camera Notebook ($12): Photographers need notebooks too.


16. Watershot Waterproof iPhone Camera Case ($110): If you love adventures on the water, this iPhone case is a must.


17. Camera Club Tee ($25): And finally, wear your love of cameras right on your chest.


But first…


This post is a collaboration with Zenni.