Calling all dancing ladies and gents! This next #GiveItAWeek challenge was inspired by Queen Bey herself (and some moves from my girl Britney too!). For seven days, I put my dancing skills to the test with the help of Golden State Warriors dancer Amira Mourad. Her goal was to get me to complete an ENTIRE choreographed routine by the end of the week 鈥 in true Bey or Brit fashion, of course.

Let鈥檚 just say I was so motivated to move it like my favorite ladies, that I legit practiced in an airplane bathroom, NYC hotel room, my own living room (with a kiddo cameo), and a B+C photo studio to make it happen. Big shout out to Amira and mobile video sharing capabilities to make the remote lessons possible! Scroll below to see how I got my groove on in this week鈥檚 photo recap.


If you already watched my final routine on my #GiveItAWeek stories (see it over at @brit, y鈥檃ll!), then you鈥檒l know by day seven, I vibed my way through Beyonc茅鈥檚 鈥淢ove Your Body鈥 video. For those that didn鈥檛 see it, highlights included some serious hip-shakin鈥, jump ropin鈥, the Dougie, and LOTS of high knees.

My take? It was surprisingly fun, easy, and a GREAT way to work up a sweat. Plus, I鈥檓 convinced anyone can mimic the famous Sasha Fierce-style moves as long as you鈥檙e willing to be silly, vulnerable, and *really* lean into it. While my own vote may be a bit biased, 94 percent of you on my Insta-story poll said I concluded the week as a 鈥渄ancing queen,鈥 so I guess I鈥檒l consider this challenge a success!

Have you been following along with my #GiveItAWeek challenges? I鈥檇 love to hear your thoughts! Share your feedback with me @brit!