Though we’re definitely swooning over the new collection of rather luxurious-looking iPhones, not all of us are in need of an upgrade. Instead, we decided to upgrade our iPhone cases ;) The method we used could easily be applied to any color combination or pattern – just make sure you don’t layer too much paint on the case. It can chip off more easily when it’s too thick.

 – slim white iPhone cases (we bought ours on Amazon)

– super find sand paper

– gold spray paint

– painter’s tape

– spray shellac

Gather your materials. In addition to the ones you see pictured, don’t forget to get sandpaper and spray shellac.

Plan out your designs. Sand the iPhone cases to remove the sheen on top.

Use tape to block off parts of the case that will stay white. We started with a basic dipped one.

Then moved on to some diagonal lines. To create skinny pieces of tape, place tape on a cutting board, then use an xacto knife and ruler to cut skinny strips. Place them on your case.

We also made a horizontally striped case.

Do the same with as many patterns and cases as you like.

Head outside and spray those cases!

Let them dry for at least 30 minutes.

Peel off the tape. Woot woot! After you peel, cover with a thin coat of spray shellac to make sure the paint doesn’t scratch off.

That’s it!

Have you ever made a DIY iPhone case? We’d love to check it out. Hit us up with a photo via Facebook or Twitter.