Every time a new phone is released, you can bet that the good people of the Internet will have a few choice words to say about it. After Google announced the Pixel phone yesterday, people went nuts. So here we have the good, the bad and the just plain funny.



The Pixel is pretty irresistible, we admit. That sleek, shiny frame is bringing out all the heart-eyed emoji over here.

We agree. SO FANCY.

What more needs to be said?


Yes, $649 is a lot of money. But when you break it down to its $27/month cost, it’s still only about as much as an iPhone. Which isn’t cheap, but still.

And while the charging is impressive, people were wondering exactly how often you’d have to charge up.

And others aren’t convinced it’s going to kill the competition.

THE funny

Oooh, shade.

Others were laughing at those who’d leapt at the iPhone 7.

And with it being the Internet and all, we’ve already got the memes.

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(Photos via Google)