Let us journey from yesterday’s roundup of wearable tech to today’s collection of discarded gadgets transformed into beautiful one-of-a-kind objects. And we’re not just talking about circuit board patterns on a pair of Louboutins.

Designed by Milan artist Paola Mirai, the Cirkuita collection is all about transforming defunct gadgets into incredibly gorgeous accessories. Her idea is to replace the traditional expensive “gem” with a zero-cost technological component with great symbolic value.

After dismantling each gadget, Mirai painstakingly separates each little part so it is no longer thought of as part of a whole, but is now a material for making. She uses a resin-like substance to cast necklaces, bangles, rings, and more, and embeds old bits of tech in each piece. Prices range from $90 to $200 for each piece.

This bangle, for instance, was made from a flexible circuit found in an old Canon.

These pendants, all made from a vintage camera.

She’s even figured out a way to use old print cartridges! We’ve definitely worked our way through plenty of these and are amazed by how they can turn into lovely bands – a pair of these would definitely be the greenest and geekiest pair of wedding bands around.

And what about all those old Apple headphones? You know, the ones where the treble is always really high and they fall out of your ear every five minutes. Here they become a delicate ring.

For the boys, they’ve got cuff links of all shapes and sizes. We particularly like these ones made from an old Polaroid (left) and a clock (right).

We are officially adding the entire Cirkuita collection to our wish list.

For a little behind the scenes action, check out this video of Paola Mirai at work.

What interesting uses have you come across for old tech? Tried dismantling and DIYing any projects of your own? Talk to us in the comments below or come hang with us on Twitter.