Whether we’re counting down the days until our Pebbles arrive or turning our Big Jambox into a wearable boombox, we love ourselves some portable tech. And, looking at the way trends in technology are leaning, we’re not alone. Here are 20 pieces of wearable tech for you to check out.

1. Google Glasses: Naturally, we have to start with Project Glass. This pair of glasses by Google is an augmented reality display that displays all of the information currently on your smartphone in your line of sight. You control the interaction via voice.

2. USB Pyramid Cuff ($35): Juicy Couture, we didn’t know you had it in you! This cuff is stylish, totally on trend, and happens to be a USB thumb drive as well. Love it!

3. Adidas Supernova Bra ($55): This bit of athletic wear has a built in heart monitor sensor made to work with Adidas’ miCoach system. While the idea is really cool, we’re not sure it makes sense for people who work out frequently and probably go through several sports bras per week.

4. Underarmour E39: This shirt tracks biometrics signals on the wearer and transmits them to your computer or mobile device. These were tested on NFL recruits to detect anything from heart rate to analyzing an athlete’s individual body movements to make for better coaching.

5. USB Locket ($229): We’ve written about this one before, but it’s one of a few things that sparked our interest in wearable tech. The techie-ness is hidden but oh so handy.

6. Safety Pin Flash Drive (concept): Handy in more ways than one, and easy to keep track of, this safety pin flash drive is the perfect combo of the grown-up boy scout and data nerd.

7. Pebble Watch ($150): We totally caught the Pebble bug back in April when it was blowing up on Kickstarter, and now we can’t wait for Pebbles to start shipping! It’s an e-paper watch that syncs with your smartphone to make crucial information even more convenient.

8. Social Electric Eyewear: For our next set of glasses, these video glasses are definitely more of an Austin Powers device than James Bond, but are still really cool. They allow you to capture videos and images just as you see them and let you share directly with friends through email and social media.

9. Lumus Vision: More glasses! These see-through glasses can display the equivalent of an 87 inch screen experience in the glasses. They allow you to watch TV, read email or glance at stock tickers whenever you want. While we’re not totally convinced that these look like “natural-looking, discreet eyewear,” the technology is definitely cool.

10. USB Warming Gloves ($18): Got a long night of coding ahead of you? Keep your hands toasty with gloves that warm you using USB power.

11. Nike+ FuelBand: We’ve written about the FuelBand countless times here on Brit.co, but it would be wrong to leave it out of our wearable tech roundup.

12. Jawbone UP: Like the FuelBand, Jawbone’s UP also has an accelerometer, sleep tracker, and a nutrition component and fits handily on your wrist. Plus, you can easily style it up with our UP hack.

13. UV Bracelet: One more bracelet for good measure. This one, also written about before, UV SunSense bands track your skin’s exposure to damaging UV rays and remind you to apply more sunscreen when the band changes color. See also: UV Monitoring Swimsuits!

14. LED Eyelashes (concept): Those fake lashes not quite doing it for you? Definitely more an art piece than a cosmetic wearable one, these are quite a take on making sure your eyes light up a room.

15. Fabrican: Fabric in a can, for real. Fabrican has created spray-on fabric that, once sprayed on, can be taken off and washed supposedly like a regular garment. It’s particularly cool when you think of being able to mend or change clothes with a simple spray can. This is definitely something we’d have to see to believe.

16. Scrolling LED Belt Buckle ($25): This one isn’t actually useful but it gets 100 extra points for extreme geekiness. Program up to 6 different messages, each way longer than a tweet.

17. Halo Belt (not yet available): A more useful light-up belt, this belt is geared towards bikers and runners for nighttime safety.

18. Lumoback: This little device monitors your posture throughout the day and alerts you via a gentle vibration and on the corresponding iPhone app. This is great for all of us folks who spend the majority of our days typing away on our laptops. Brit’s actually had a chance to try this out and is a huge fan. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s officially available for purchase.

19. Color-Changing Ball Gown (custom): Created by CuteCircuit for Katy Perry, this incredibly colorful dress features over 3000 color changing LEDs. We. Are. In. Love.

20. Piano Glove ($93): And finally, a piano glove. This is silly, hilarious, and would go gorgeously with a keyboard tie.

What pieces of wearable tech have you tried out? Or read about? Let us know your thoughts on this new trend in tech in the comments below or come talk to us on Twitter.