We’ve been seeing the trend of graphic eyeliner popping on the runway and in high fashion magazines like crazy! So, I asked around at the office to see if a more wearable take on graphic eyeliner was something the ladies of Brit + Co would be into, and most of them had no idea what graphic eyeliner means!

Simply put, graphic eyeliner is any eyeliner done in a more artistic and dramatic way. It’s like a cat eye look on steroids. We decided to take it down a notch from the wildness seen on the runway, and created three ways that you can rock this innovative look on the daily.

Open Winged

1. Apply a black gel eyeliner using an angled liner brush to your upper lash line. My fave drugstore find is the NYX Gel Liner and Smudger in Jet Black.

2. Draw a fine line angled up towards your brow bone.

3. Connect the top of the outer line to the base lash line in towards the center of your eyelid.

4. Fill in the winged section you just created.

5. Apply a white liner along the lower portion of your eye and along the bottom of the wing using a flat liner brush. I recommend NYX Cosmetics Slide on Pencil for this part.

6. Apply a thin line of the same white liner above the black liner on your upper lid from the inner corners to the outer corners of the wing. Now, you can see those wings start to glow! ;)

7. Starting at the lower outer corner, use your angled liner brush to draw a small graduated line slightly below your actual lash line ending in a fine point that comes almost to the center of your eye.

8. Apply mascara to finish off the look.

Double Winged

1. Line the top of your eyes with a black liner. We used the Retractable Eye Pencil by Palladio in Pure Black.

2. Use an angled liner brush to drag the line out a little past your lash line for a smudgy imperfect flicked wing.

3. Line the bottom waterline of your eyes with a brightening liner like NYX Cosmetics Slide on Pencil.

4. Add a little bit of black liner to the outer edge of your lower lash line. Then, with the same angled brush, drag another smudgy wing out of your lower lash line.

Winged Crease

1. Using an angled liner brush and a gel liner like NYX Gel Liner and Smudger in Jet Black, line the top lash line on both of your eyes.

2. Drag the line out at a slightly upward angle.

3. Now starting on the center of your crease, draw another line connecting at the outer edge of the line you placed right before.

4. Add a little shadow to the same brush and gently tap it along the inside lines towards the center of your eyelids. We used a bronzed shadow like L’Oreal Paris Glided Bronze. This is going to make the look pop!

What beauty trends would like to see dialed down for daily use? Talk to us in the comments below.