Ever wondered what happens when you combine the two hottest trends in hair? Let us enlighten you. Meet grombré, otherwise known as gray meets ombre. Whatever you want to call it, this look brings a whole new moody dimension to the rainbow and ombre styles we saw all summer long. From short strands to long locks, this dusty hue is pure perfection for an instant fall style upgrade. Looking for a way to transition your hair for fall? Look no further than grombré. Scroll on for 16 Instababes absolutely killing in the trending style.

1. Dusty Grombré: The subtlety of this gray-brown shade gives her hair a subtly metallic-looking sheen. Head straight to your stylist and ask for this icy alternative to your everyday highlights.

2. Grombré Waves: Not only is her hair basically perfect, but the hairstyle matches her tattoos. Was this look made for her or what? Rock this shade with deep waves that transition into a muted lilac hue.

3. Layered Grombé: Long, flowing layers are tailor-made for this RN hair trend. For the faint of heart, keep the majority of your raven hair dark and incorporate granny gray on your ends.

4. Grombré Fishtail: This subtle ombre look is ideal if you’re not quite ready to jump on the trend. We don’t know which we love more, the epic fishtail braid or the frosty high- and lowlights.

5. Ash Grombré: Rocking gray hair doesn’t have to require a full dye job. Let your natural brown or raven hair shine through with simple accents in this Insta-approved style.

6. Grombré and Lavender: Look to a shorter cut to give your strands to-die-for texture. Add colorful roots to the mix to bring this must-have color into cool-girl territory.

7. Gray Ombré Pinup: As you can see, the style even works on all you vintage babes. Pair it with a striped shirt, round-lensed glasses and a rich red pout and you’ll be pulling off this ice-gray hairstyle like a pro. We are so obsessed with the outgrown roots look.

8. Half-Up Gray Ombré: Here’s the photo that sent this super-chic hairstyle into the mainstream. The rich dark brown and the steely gray colors complement each other perfectly when topped off with a gorgeous messy bun.

9. Gray Metallic Ombré: Anyone whose hair is that long and luscious owes it to themselves to try out this bomb hairstyle. We love how she chose to accent the gray with a metallic shade of lavender — not to mention, her hair has shine for days.

10. Grown-Out Grombré: Here’s what happens when trendy gray meets grunge in the world of beauty. This snap also shows us an awesome alternative way to style the look, with majorly overgrown roots and gorgeous waves at the ends.

11. Dreamy Grombré: This wispy style gives off a willowy, ethereal look. Long wavy locks look phenomenal with this color for an effect that is nothing short of femme magic.

12. Reverse Grombré: Add heavy dark pigment to your roots for a dramatic ombré style that works for straight or curly cuts. We love her choice of dusty gray with light lavender undertones.

13. Gray Balayage: While a balayage normally incorporates lighter color in a natural-looking, sun-kissed way, the technique done with gray makes for one gorgeous hair cascade. The look is to die for hanging loose or in a braid.

14. Mostly Gray Ombré: Blend shades of charcoal with lighter hues of dove and natural brown for a tousled mix of tones and textures. We love how effortless this look is.

15. Silky Grombré: This hair stylist managed to maintain so much shine and silkiness, we’re second-guessing everything we thought we knew about hair bleach. We are so in love with this silky grombré hairstyle that runs the spectrum from platinum to raven.

16. Dark Gray to Silver Ombré: Don’t be fooled — just because this style comes last does not mean we like it the least. On the contrary, the matte perfection of this color combo is topped only by the peek-a-boo braid coiled around her high pony.

What other noteworthy gray ombré hairstyles have you seen that we should know about? Let us know on Pinterest!